The Vortec Cyclone has been featured on the NBC Today Show.

In a July 2006 article, a prominent Washington newspaper stated, “The bottom line: buy generic cialis 20mg it saves gas!”. Legendary formula racer Stig Bergman endorses the Vortec Cyclone. Now here’s what some of our customers have to say.

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Daphne Baille, Evanston, IL

The Vortech Cyclone is amazing! It was a breeze to install, and I immediately noticed increased acceleration in my ’03 Lexus ES300. I’m also getting an extra 40-50 miles per tank, which I calculate will save me over $250 a year. I’m recommending it to all of my friends!

Dr. Steven Crandall, Charlotte, NC

You guys rock! I’ve spent thousands on my riced-out Civic, and this is the cheapest horsepower I’ve ever bought. I felt the boost right off the bat, and the dyno confirmed it–an extra 7 horsepower!

Charlie Ng, San Jose, CA

My Ford F150 was a real gas hog, but with the Cyclone I’m getting an extra 3-4 MPG. I just ordered another one for my wife’s car.

Pete Inman, Birmingham, AL

I pull my bass boat behind my Chevy truck. When I installed your product, I could really feel the increased power going up hills. And I’m getting better mileage to boot! Thanks, guys!

Rocky Shanahan, Kansas City, MO

I was skeptical about your claims, but I figured, hey, what’s the risk with a money back guarantee? I must say, using is believing! My ’95 Taurus hasn’t performed this well in years, and I’m definitely getting better mileage. My advice to anyone looking at this product is to give it a try–what have you got to lose?

Bud Chambers, Orlando, FL

My mini-motorhome only gets 12-15 miles per gallon usually. On my first trip after I installed your product I got 17 MPG.

Doug Anderson, Tempe, AZ

When I asked my mechanic about your product, he said he had heard that they worked but didn’t have any experience with them himself. I have to keep track of my mileage for my company car, and when I showed him the results, he bought a dozen to sell to his other customers.

Jim Isbister, Milford, PA

Easy to install, better gas mileage, snappy pickup!

Gerald Warren, Benicia, CA

Your product is amazing.

Vicente Samson, Oak Grove, KY

The Cyclone works great!!!

Eugene Bell, Stamford, CT

Your promptness in delivery was appreciated

Christi Rensing, St. Louis, MO

Your product works great, and it gives me 24 miles to the gallon where as I would normally get 18 miles to the gallon. I tell everyone about this product. It is currently in my ’00 Ford Ranger and my ’02 Mustang.

Brian Randall, Hammond, LA

After inserting the Cyclone I notice an increase in horsepower

Fred Harlan, Sugarland, TX

Easy to install, easy directions…improvement in performance, gas mileage

Marshall Reiter, Jupiter, FL

Works great

Richie Shehady, Fresno, CA

Thanks, really work!

Steven Giron, Phoenix, AZ

Great product! Noticed gain in HP right away, along with gas mileage. Thanks!

Jordan Kudma, South Heart, ND

Put it in a 1996 Z28 with LT1 engine…seems like it smoothed out the engine. Took off some “rough edges”, know what I mean?

Jeffrey M. Slone, Perryville, MD

Works Great!

Brent Griffin, Mamero, LA

Thanks. Will order more for my boats.

Phillip Rouse, CA

Increase in power

Gerard Breznau, AZ

I ordered 4 Vortec Cyclones and everyone who received one is extremely happy with the results.

David E. Roberts, MD

Great Product!

Derek Bolt, OK

Quick Delivery!

Robert C. Bourgeois, LA

Thank you for sending me my Vortec Cyclone…this product really works.

Lester Warner, KY

Works great!

Robert J. Sabal, FL


Jason D. Slaymaker, San Agilo, TX

I was surprised at how simple the Vortec Cyclone looked, but it seems to work on my 2004 Dodge Caravan SXT so I’m quite satisfied.

Liongbin Chua, San Francisco, CA

Increased gas mileage on 2003 PT Cruiser.

Al Parsons, Hampstead, MD

Thank you!

Neil Collins, NY

Seems to give the car xtra zip!!

Richard LaMonda, MA

Can feel a noticeable difference. Thanx.

Greg Wytcherley, Oregon City, OR

“Thank you for the rapid shipment. I have installed these into three vehicles and noticed an instant difference in power and economy. The vehicles are 1993 Subaru Impreza, 1997 Dodge Ram Dump w/Cummins and ’02 Ford Diesel.”

Joshua S. Leach, PA

“Seems to be working good so far. The car has more power.”

Johanna Minich, Chestnut Hill, MA

“I can tell an increase in power”

Joe D. Shrader, TX

“Can feel increase in performance”

Terry Fletcher, CA

“So far it has given me more power…it’s everything you said it would be”

John A. Stevens, ME

“Easy to install. Thanks.”

Stephen Pirtle, IN

“Great product!”

Jason Greco, PA

“I had no trouble installing the Vortec Cyclone.”

George Haney, KY

“It was so simple to install and you’re right I did see an increase in horsepower right away.”

Andrew C. Britton, WV

“We have definitely noticed the difference in fuel efficiency.”

Jorge Cadena Alvarez, KY

“Fast, prompt service”

Duane A. Darrah, Defiance, OH

“Seems to be a big boost on my ’93 Mustang. That and a Diablo Chip make me pretty unbeatable.”

Scott Pierce, Oakland, CA

“Working well. Easy to install.”

William H. Rogers, Abilene, TX

“Thanks for the fast service”

Daniel Lee, CA

“It seems to work well.”

Ted Norbert, Orlando, FL

“1 in van seems to improve gas mileage by 2.4 MPG.”

Joseph Kittrick, Westerly, RI

“It works, 2 MPG gain.”

Ronald J. Reedy, Radford, VA

“I feel more power on the start line”

Holly Walsh, Evanston, WY

“I ordered 3 Vortec Cyclones—1 in 2005 Chrysler van and 1 in 2001 Ford F150 Pickup—then installed 2 Vortecs in pickup. My mileage has jumped 2 to 3 miles a gallon more. I keep track of all gas I put in the vehicles.”

Yvonne Lauterbach, Radcliff, KY

“Purchased 2 of your devices. So far, so good.

Mark Poston, PA

“I am satisfied with the performance thus far.”

Daniel Osborne, MT

“Gas mileage has improved and throttle response is greater.”

Reggie Charity, VA

“I noticed more pickup and better gas mileage immediately.”

Robert Bruce, CA

“I really was impressed. I was a little skeptical—but it works!”

Deanna Gesaman, Fulton, OH

Easy to install.

Bin Li Hai, NY

“I have purchased Tornadoes before and been pleased. With the Vortec’s lower price and racing connections, I’m sure I’ll be even more pleased.”

Dr. James D. Harper, Sr, Conyers, GA

“It seems to work”

“My 8 cyl truck (Dodge Ram) has a lot more ‘umph’”

Dustin Smith, TX

“That’s very good. I used it saving gas and get more horsepower. Thank you!”

Patrick W. O’Connor, WI

“It’s the greatest! My husband loves this product.”

Jacqueline Renaud, NY

“Very good service and quick response in mailing. Thank you.”

Shad T. Lloyd, WA

“Thank you!”

Wade Klager, WA

“I noticed 1 MPG improvement…I am satisfied with this product”

Steve Fabrizio, Albuquerque, NM

“Nice product!”

Chris Colon, Belle Harbor, NY

“Thanks guys, Love the part.”