About Us

Vorteccyclone.net in Conjunction with hostmate.biz is the Master  Distributor for the Vortec Cyclone in Australia

The Vortec Cyclone is produced and marketed by Automotive Research Laboratory, LLC. ARL was spun off from Mesler Motor Sports Inc, headquartered in Flint, Michigan. Messler Motor Sports has been a leader in the automotive industry for over two decades, and has established a world-class reputation for engineering excellence and precision manufacturing. MMS has two primary areas of focus: the design and manufacture of specialty parts used in F1, IRL, CART, NASCAR and other racing vehicles, and supplier to worldwide auto manufacturers

The technology behind the Vortec Cyclone was developed over a period of years for the purpose of increasing horsepower in racing engines. Unlike most of our technologies, however, vortex power was easily modified for cost-effective use in normal road vehicles. The Vortec Cyclone is the only product we are currently making available directly to the public.

OUR VISION – Our vision is to reduce fuel consumption, cut greenhouse gasses, improve emissions and help save the environment, one car at a time.

OUR MISSION – Our mission is to provide each and every customer with the lowest cost horsepower and best fuel savings money can buy. We will provide superlative customer service, ensuring that every customer is a satisfied customer.